Earlier this week Snapchat released a major update, perhaps the biggest in months. The update brought a couple of new features that quite literally put the chat into Snapchat. The app’s target demographic has primarily been teens and they were certainly ecstatic when the update dropped so much so that it caused disturbance at the Council Grove High School in Kansas.

Tracie Schroeder, a teacher at the school, tweeted the day of the update that in her 16 years of teaching should couldn’t think of anything that has ever “disrupted” her classroom more than the Snapchat update. She then told Business Insider just how crazy the students were to get their hands on it.

She says that during the seminar period in the morning “every single kid” was trying to download the update. Some were successful while others weren’t able to get it but since she doesn’t limit phone usage at that time Schroeder didn’t pay too much attention. Within the next hour almost everyone had been able to download it.

Schroeder says that despite being very lenient about phone use in her class that was “the first day in a long time” that she actually took away phones from her students. Apparently they were so hooked to their phones that while he didn’t know what was in the update, she says “you would have thought it was crack.” They simply couldn’t leave it alone. One girl even crawled under her table just so she wouldn’t have to give up her phone!

After their phones were taken away the kids were given a little reminder talk about the times it was appropriate to use their phones and when it was not. Hopefully they learnt their lesson. Crawling under the table just to tinker with the update, I seriously haven’t heard that one before.

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