street-view-google-playGoogle is currently introducing an updated version of the framework for its core Android apps as well as services which is a move that is guaranteed to deliver a slew of changes immediately. In fact, the new rollout of Google Play Services 4.4 would mean that apps from Google as well as other third parties will be on the receiving end of its fair share of new features, where among them include the ability to figure out whether you are physically walking or running, now how about that? I do wonder, however, whether it works great when you are working out on the treadmill or not. Still, we do know that Google Play Services 4.4 would allow developers to embed Street View in third-party apps thanks to a brand new Google Maps API.

With this ability, as mentioned earlier, apps are now “smarter” since they can figure out whether you are walking or running, and this will cause the app to react in a manner which the developer would want it to. Not only that, users are be able to send Game Gits to multiple recipients in apps which make use of Google Play Games.

As for the other updates, they seem to target the developers a whole lot more than regular users, where among them include support for in-app promo ads and easier implementation of a Buy With Google button in apps that make use of the Wallet Fragment API.

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