titanfall_screen_1It looks as though Titanfall for Xbox 360 has run into its fair share of hiccups in the past, but at the very least, we now have word that an update for this particular title has gone live, which along with it will be accompanied by a slew of bug fixes. Some of these fixes comprise of localization issues, which means the challenges that both Commuter Flight and Cowboy Up have will no longer make use of the wrong plural tense.


Apart from that, the Max XP issue has also been solved, so you need not fret that upon reaching Gen 10, your XP would be reset to 0. Neither do you need to worry about being disconnected from the server when this happens. In addition, the required number of players required for private matches has been reduced from half a dozen to just two, now how about that?

There are also other issues that have been patched up including the likes of Satchel Server Disconnect, Party Colors, Auto Titan Color in Obituary, Menu Changes and being able to display the game’s version right in the bottom left corner, which is a whole lot more convenient when you want to troubleshoot with but a single glance of the screen.

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