unreal-tourneyWhen Unreal Tournament 3 rolled out to the masses all the way back in 2007, it proved to be a mystery some years down the road, since what was touted to be one of the better FPS multiplayer franchises in the market more or less disappeared from the overall gaming sphere. Thankfully, not all bad things (relatively speaking here) last forever, and Epic Games President Mark Rein has stepped forward to share that Unreal Tournament is more than ready for a comeback, with an expected announcement concerning the “future” of Unreal Tournament franchise will happen this coming Thursday, May 8, at 2PM EDT.

In Mark Rein’s full Twitter message, he mentioned, “You want to know about the future of #UnrealTournament ? Tune in to http://www.Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine Thursday at 2pm ET. #unrealdev #FirstBlood”. Talk about a liberal overuse of hashtags, eh?

It remains to be seen whether the announcement will touch on a complete franchise reboot, or will be a remake of the original Unreal Tournament or Unreal Tournament 2004 in Unreal Engine 4. As a fan, which particular route would you prefer Epic Games to take? A remake does sound pretty interesting, that is for sure, but it remains to be seen whether old glories can be brought to life in a new way.

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