It was just last month when we brought you news about Unreal Tournament, citing that a comeback announcement was about to happen in addition to the game itself being made free. Having said that, it seems that Epic Games did manage to ensure that the new Unreal Tournament has been worked upon to end up as a playable prototype, and in an era where “pics or it didn’t happen” is so prevalent, how about giving it a go yourself to know that the next evolution of Unreal Tournament is very, very real, and is already ready for download (the extremely early prototype, that is)?

Considering how the game itself is already said to be free when released, there is still some waiting left to do, unless you happen to be a developer at the moment or want to pretend to be one, since prototype access would require one to have a subscription to the Unreal Engine 4 toolset. We are talking about forking out $19 each month, but that is a small price to pay for hardcore gamers who will then be on the receiving end of an entire suite of editing tools in addition to extremely early access to the game. For those who have already given it a go, what do you think of the game so far? Just in case the video above doesn’t load, there is the direct link here.

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