It is said that good things must always be shared with the rest of the world, and when it comes to the first person shooter Unreal Tournament and the upcoming release, here we are with what is deemed to be the first available gameplay footage for the masses to check out. This particular footage of Unreal Tournament does show off several early concept designs when it comes to the likes of maps and weapons, not to mention depicting a wee bit of team deathmatch action that the developers indulge in to let off some steam while working.

This is one particular gaming entry in the online first-person shooter series that will see its development crowdsourced by the community, so to see it in the final form would be quite some time more.

When it comes to the first person shooter Unreal Tournament, that too has a legacy of its own, although it is unable to compare to id Software’s Doom as well as Quake. There has been some rumors flying around concerning the Unreal Tournament franchise, where one of them claims that the next Unreal Tournament title will be free, while another claimed that there will be no such new game in the pipeline. I suppose that has since been debunked with the YouTube video that you can see above, don’t you think so?

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