nokia-icon-review-001Generally speaking, the Windows Phone platform isn’t exactly the most popular smartphone platform in the world. In fact its worldwide market share isn’t as high as iOS and Android, although to be fair there are some markets in which Windows Phone is doing pretty well in. Vietnam is one of those countries, at least according to a recent report by Vietnamese website,

According to their numbers, they have found that the Windows Phone market share in Vietnam is sitting at an impressive 26%, meaning that Microsoft has a little over a quarter of the market cornered. This is also a huge increase from last year, which was at the 15.3% mark, so to grow by 10%, it is pretty impressive.

This might be due to the fact that Nokia seems to prioritize countries like Vietnam in order to launch their new products. Perhaps Nokia has decided that trying to compete in saturated markets might not be the smartest idea, especially since devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 has proven to be such a hit.

The article goes on to state how the Nokia brand is still a popular one amongst Vietnamese buyers. In a way this is like how BlackBerry has markets in which they are doing particularly well in, such as Indonesia, where the Canadian company has even launched handsets specific for the region.

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