windows-phone-sneakersI am quite sure that everyone would have heard of Windows Phone smartphones, and some of you might even be rocking to one, and have fallen in love with it head over heels. The thing is, how about picking up a pair of Windows Phone sneakers? That sounds rather crazy, right? Apparently, Polish mobile carrier Plus has made available a pair of Windows Phone sneakers as the prize which is part of a contest. This particular contest is being run in order to celebrate the Nokia Lumia 630’s launch, where it remains open to just about any Plus subscriber who has already picked up a Nokia Lumia handset after March 1st.

In order to take part in this contest, you will first need to download a free app that is known as ‘Trampkomania with Windows Phone,’ where it is used to submit a picture of your personalized start screen. The entire contest will kick off today and run all the way through to June 30th, where there will be 18 winners per day. Each submitted start screen will be judged by “creativity, originality, aesthetic and the ability to use Windows Phone in the reported projects.” Eventual winners won’t receive a phone call or a SMS, but rather, the notification of your “victory” will be made via the app.

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