anatomediaIf you feel a little bit queasy in the stomach whenever you come across corpses, then you might want to give this particular website a miss – Anatomedia. After all, those with the necessary intestinal fortitude would find Anatomedia useful, since it was specially developed for medical students in order for them to carry out practice dissections – without having to have an actual body to work with in the first place. After all, corpses are not exactly easy to come across these days.

In Anatomedia, users will be able to check out detailed dissections as well as cross-sections of actual bodies. This might be a particularly grisly affair, but at least it is digital instead of literally being in the flesh. Of course, it will never be able to offer the actual sensation of cutting real human flesh, but Anatomedia touts to be cheaper and of course, faster, compared to using actual cadavers. I would suppose there is also no smell factor to take into consideration here.

While Anatomedia allows folks to complete practical dissections and post mortems, one is also able to check out different segments of the human body, where it will be based on an actual one, except in a digitized manner. There are colored overlays of specific structures, where you then pick and choose different perspectives to see it from.

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