How big of an Apple fan are you? Are you a fan enough to bother snapping photos and creating a website detailing every single one of Apple’s products from more than 30 years ago? Well it seems that an Apple fan, Jonathan Zufi has done that via his website, Shrine of Apple.

Some like to consider Apple and Mac users to be evangelists and fanboys, although we think that this is just dedication of an Apple/Mac user who has seen the usefulness and beauty in Apple’s products throughout the years. His website has been designed similarly to Apple’s own website and it seems that he prefers providing a more visual experience to visitors as opposed to being more tech oriented.

The entire affair feels very Apple-like including the way the products have been photographed and displayed on the website. Even if you’re not a fan of Apple products we think you may be able to appreciate the journey down memory lane and you may come across certain products you may not even have known were made by Apple.

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