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How to Download Subtitles for Movies for Free?
If you are a movie buff – the chances are, you prefer subtitles. Of course, it is optional and not everyone likes it. But, if you want to clearly understand what’s being said in the movie – the subtitle definitely comes handy.

Best News Aggregators
Following individual news sites to get your daily news fix is a tiresome activity. You can not visit each news site separately to get the latest news on different topics of interest. However, you can use news aggregators to bring all the current news from multiple channels into a single dashboard. Here are some of the best news aggregators you can use to connect all your news channels and curate […]

How To Find Lost Or Deleted Web Pages
It can be sometimes really disappointing to find out that the web page you wanted to access is not accessible anymore. There can be many reasons why you may get “Unavailable page” error. May be the page is temporarily down or even removed permanently.You might have bookmarked an important page and after 2-3 months when you really needed the info, the page becomes unavailable. All hope isn’t lost, you can […]

How To Block A Website (Windows & Android)
Block access to any website using different methods for both Windows and Android.


Anatomedia Website Gives No Rest To The Departed
If you feel a little bit queasy in the stomach whenever you come across corpses, then you might want to give this particular website a miss – Anatomedia. After all, those with the necessary intestinal fortitude would find Anatomedia useful, since it was specially developed for medical students in order for them to carry out practice dissections – without having to have an actual body to work with in the […]

Obamacare Website Down For A While Before Enrollment Deadline
If one is of the superstitious kind, then the omens do not look too good for Obamacare, as the website for folks to enroll in U.S. private health insurance did run into some delays early this Monday morning. In fact, it happened a mere hours prior to the deadline for the initial wave of enrollment where the healthcare law is concerned.

Apple Developer Website Update
Earlier this evening, we brought you word that a Turkish security researcher claimed credit for hacking into Apple’s Developer portal, a story that we covered yesterday, where it proved to be a far more serious event compared to other hacking incidents in the past. Well, Apple has since issued an update to the situation, where the gist of the update can be seen in the screenshot above.Basically, Apple asks everyone […]

Android website gets revamped
Don’t you think it was not too long ago when Google first introduced their Android operating system, leading people to wonder whether it will ever be able to make a foothold in the industry that was dominated by the BlackBerry army as well as Nokia? I guess things and times have changed a whole lot, not to mention Android gaining a real foothold in many markets across the world. Heck, […]

Activision wins battle
Whenever there’s something that does well, there’s bound to be haters, and that was the case with Activision’s highly successful franchise – Call of Duty. The franchise’s upcoming game, Modern Warfare 3 was the target of a prankster who registered and directed it to his anti-MW3 website. Needless to say, Activision wasn’t too pleased about the whole thing and took the case to court.As you can imagine, the court […]

Shrine of Apple website lists every single Apple product
How big of an Apple fan are you? Are you a fan enough to bother snapping photos and creating a website detailing every single one of Apple’s products from more than 30 years ago? Well it seems that an Apple fan, Jonathan Zufi has done that via his website, Shrine of Apple.

Amazon tests out new tablet-friendly website
With each week that passes, we get new rumors of an Amazon tablet arriving soon, yet we still have yet to hear anything official from the company itself, well, according to The Next Web, it looks like that announcement might be here soon. It has been reported that a number of users have been granted access to a redesigned Amazon website that features a cleaner, less cluttered, and tablet-friendly appearance.The […]

iPhone 5 website leaked, confirmed to be fake
It seems that one of the hottest videos on YouTube at the moment would be that of the iPhone 5 website which has proven to be fake via some rather glaring errors, but before you dismiss this, why not just check out the video after the jump to see the amount of effort that went into it? The purported iPhone 5 shows a larger display albeit at 960 x 640 […]

RIM's website gets hacked over London riots
If you have been following the news regarding the London riots, you’re probably aware that RIM has offered to help the London police by giving them the names of the people who were using BBM during the riots, which helped to organize groups of looters. Well apparently some are not happy that RIM has plans to work with the authorities and have responded by hacking RIM’s website and leaving them […] leads to an anti-MW3 website
If you’ve been looking for official information concerning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it looks like you’ll be better off starting from the official Call of Duty website. It was recently discovered that the domain name,, has been registered to someone who has no love for the game and is attempting to bring it down.

Icelandic pop star's dress is made out of QR codes
Iceland has a pop star, Kali, who like Lady Gaga, is known for her outrageous costumes, so instead of dressing up in dress that has been made out of meat, she has instead decided to put on a dress that is not only less of an eye-sore, but is also composed out of QR codes, which she claims will allow fans to better connect with her.Kali had designer Thorunn Arnadottir […]

Shopobot Website Tracks Gadget Prices, Let's You Know When To Buy At Its Cheapest
If you’re looking for a good bargain for a gadget chances are that there are so many sources available online that you don’t know where to begin, since different sites price the items at various prices, sometimes going over the retail price while sometimes going below it’s hard to get a gauge of what’s a good price and what isn’t. Thanks to a new start-up, the Shopobot, getting the best […]

BioWare hacked - 18,000 accounts compromised
BioWare, the games development company behind hot-selling RPGs like Mass Effect, Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate has been reported as the latest casualty of video game company hacking that’s been going on recently. The community servers associated with the Neverwinter Nights forums was recently discovered to have been accessed by an unauthorized user.

LulzSec takes down the CIA website
Infamous hacking group, LulzSec or Lulz Security, has been reported to have taken down another website just for fun. After messing around with MMORPG EVE Online, the hackers decided to turn things up a notch and took down the website of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). LulzSec posted on its Twitter page yesterday: “Tango down – – for the lulz”.The site was only down for a short time (only […]

YouEye uses your webcam to monitor your eye movements
If you’re paranoid about being watched while you’re on the computer, just know that it can happen – voluntarily (unless of course, someone managed to install some monitoring software on your computer and made use of your webcam – that’s a different story). A company named YouEye has come up with a new system to monitor how people use a website – by monitoring their eye movements. Called YouEye, this […]

NoteSlate detailed website launched
The NoteSlate tablet that’s been designed to replace paper as a note-taking device now has a proper webpage that describes the tablet in complete detail. Its specs, how it works and more. The tablet packs a 13″ (760 x 1080) display that is similar to E-ink. It can be used for writing, drawing, and even as an eBook reader. It also has a mini USB port, SD card reader, a 3.5mm […]