asus-curve-monitor[Computex 2014] It is just me, or are hardware manufacturers slowly but surely making the move to curved form factors? That does seem to apply to the world of smartphones, as evident by what Samsung and LG have revealed in recent times, and it seems that monitors, too, are not exempt from this line of design thought with ASUS having unveiled a 32” curved monitor. Do bear in mind that this happens to be a prototype only, so the question arises as to whether it will eventually be turned into a commercially available product or not arises.

This 32” curved monitor will feature a widescreen quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, accompanied by a 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition, it will feature a DisplayPort as well as a brightness level of 250cd/m2. Other than that, we do not know much about this prototype curved monitor other than the fact that it does look appealing. After all, a slightly curved OLED TV has done wonders for viewers in the living room, and so too, do cinema screens sport a slight curve to draw the audience in.

This prototype monitor also comes with a metal finish around the bezel, as well as a curiously designed stand that allows it to look as though it is a high tech TV, without compromising on its looks as a fully decent computer monitor.

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