The BlackBerry Windermere was a handset that had been rumored about for quite sometime, before it was officially unveiled last week by BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, who revealed the device as the BlackBerry Passport. From what we can see, it certainly looked like the Windermere in terms of its design.

The handset featured a more square-ish display and unlike previous QWERTY BlackBerry handsets, the Passport only featured a 3-row keyboard design. Well if you’re interested in checking out the BlackBerry Passport in action, the folks at CrackBerry have uploaded a video onto YouTube where a quick demonstration of the BlackBerry Passport was caught on video.

The demonstration was carried out by BlackBerry’s CEO himself, John Chen, where he explained why the BlackBerry Passport is better than the competition. He states that phones these days are starting to get too big, and that customers are starting to becoming “fatigued” by phones that are longer, taller, and wider, and that the Passport’s 1:1 aspect ratio, which he also claims is the size of an actual passport, will be better for use.

Unfortunately while Chen did play around with the phone’s display in the video, he did not touch on the keyboard, which if the rumors are to be believed could feature support for gestures, which was what made BlackBerry decide to remove the function key toolbelt and make it a 3-row keyboard instead.

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