blackberry-sign-bgr-231With BlackBerry hailing from Canada, is it right to assume that Canada is a market in which the company might have a home ground advantage, not to mention loyal users as well? We suppose an advantage might be stretching it, but in terms of sales, it looks like BlackBerry devices are managing to outsell Apple’s iPhone lineup over in Toronto, Canada.

This is according to data that has been aggregated over the past six months from wireless retailers by a company called iQmetrix, which is based in Vancouver and helps to provide retail management software to retailers across North America. Based on their findings, which were sampled from 15,000 stores, it shows that BlackBerry devices account for 23% of sales in Toronto from December 2013 to May 2014.

While BlackBerry did manage to beat out Apple, they fell behind when it came to Samsung who accounted for 35% of sales in the city. Apple only managed 20%, putting them 3% behind BlackBerry’s sales in the city. Interestingly enough BlackBerry did not fare so well in other parts of Canada.

For example in Vancouver, BlackBerry sales accounted for 9% which is way behind Apple’s 22%. It has been speculated that the reason BlackBerry is doing better in Toronto could be due to the city being a hub for business users, who tend to favor BlackBerry devices.

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