Have wings, will travel. However, what happens when that pair of wings have been grounded due to obsolescence? Bruce Campbell is one such engineer who is based outside of Portland, Oregon, having transformed a retired Boeing 727 commercial airliner into a full fledged home, complete with electricity and running water. The Boeing 727 might never be able to live out its glory days in the skies ever again, but it does remain nicely grounded on a wooded suburban lot.


Campbell is an excited character when it comes to explaining the reasons behind recycling older planes and using them as homes, making it quite unlike the orthodox method of building a roof over one’s head. After all, if done properly, there is quite an appeal to use a used airplane as one’s abode, thanks to the technology that lies within as well as the shape of the structure itself.

Not only is the body of this retired Boeing 727 incredibly strong and durable, it is also long lasting, being able to withstand earthquakes as well as weather storms rather decently. The interior remains easy to maintain and clean since they happen to be sealed pressure canisters, preventing the likes of dust and pests from intrusion unless you like to sleep with the door open, that is. Not only that, when closed and locked, it is pretty difficult for anyone to break in.

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