Logic dictates that if you’re committing a crime you don’t want to be seen doing it, because that means witnesses and witnesses mean a possible conviction and time behind bars. So for most criminals its about getting the job done as soon as possible. Why would a burglar even try to check his Facebook while he’s burglarizing someone’s home is beyond me. But that’s exactly what 26-year old Nicholas Wig did, he logged in to Facebook from a home that he broke into. He forgot to log off when he left.

James Wood, the homeowner, calls Wig the “world’s dumbest criminal.” I’m sure many of you would agree. This went down on June 18th at South St. Paul Street in Minnesota. When Wood returned home he found that his home had been burglarized. Cash, credit cards and a watch were missing.

The thief left behind a pair of tennis shoes, a belt and a jeans, which were all wet. Apparently it had been raining that day. Wood said that he started to panic but then noticed that the computer had a Facebook profile pulled up. He posted using his profile to say that Wig had broken in and stolen his property, even putting up his own phone number to see if someone would call with information. It was Wig himself who texted him later that day.

They agreed to meet that night with Wig being under the impression that Wood was going to return his clothes in exchange for a recycled cell phone that he had stolen. Once Wood saw him walking on the street he recognized him from his Facebook profile and didn’t hesitate calling the police.

Wig had Wood’s watch on when he was arrested at the scene, and now he faces up to ten years in prison and maybe even a $20,000 fine if he’s convicted.

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