Dolby_AtmosIf you’re the sort of person who truly cares about the audio quality coming from their headphones, their phones, their computers, or home theater system, you might be pleased to learn that Dolby has revealed that they will soon be bringing their Dolby Atmos sound technology to the living room in the future.

For those unfamiliar with Dolby’s Atmos sound technology, it has been primarily used in theaters to help channel sound from all directions. Dolby cites examples such as the movie Noah where the sound of rain truly sounded like it was coming from above, and the roar from Godzilla made moviegoers feel how tall and monstrous Godzilla was.

While Dolby has yet to announce which devices will come with their Atmos technology, they have reassured that this will not require users to install speakers in their ceilings. “Our partners will offer new Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers that produce full, detailed overhead sound from speakers located where your conventional speakers are now. If you already have speakers that you love, you can choose an add-on, Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module that complements your existing speakers.”

Dolby expects that the hardware will start showing up in the next few months, so like we said, if you’re really particular about your sound, you’ll want to keep an eye out for it.

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