If you have ever used a messaging app like WhatsApp, iMessage, and so on, chances are you’ve probably come across Emojis. For those who are unfamiliar, Emojis are basically emoticons. They come in a variety of designs ranging, ranging from people, faces, animals, food, and there’s even a picture of a smiling poo!

That being said, Emojis act as a supplement to instant messaging apps, helping to spice up the conversation with a bit of color and humor. However are Emojis enough to warrant creating an entire app of its own? Well apparently some people think that it does as it has been announced that a new app called Emojli is in the works and has been pegged for a late July/early August release.

So what kind of app is Emojli? Well essentially it is a messaging app that allows users to send messages to one another using only Emojis. Yes, you read that right. It only way to communicate with your friends is to send them funny emoticons and pictures. Is there a demand for such an app? Well if the Yo app is any indication (it’s an app that only lets you send the word “Yo”), we guess there is some demand for it.

However according to the creators of Emojli, they plan to expand the app’s functionality further down the road, but for now sending Emoji is pretty much the only thing that the app will be able to do. For those interested in reserving their username, head on over to their website for the details.

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