emojisampleEmojis, much like emoticons, are a fun way to help spice up a conversation and add some color to it. They can also make for some pretty funny text messages at times. That being said, if you thought the current list of emojis was pretty limited, you might be pleased to learn that the Unicode Consortium has recently announced version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard.

What this means is that there will be about 250 new emojis that will be added to the mix which could eventually make its way into Android and iOS operating systems. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that Apple addressed the problem that there wasn’t enough diversification in their emojis and that it would be something they would look into for the future.

So what kind of new emojis can we look forward to? Well there will be a bunch that users can look forward to, some of which seems random, but some of which can be used in text messages. The more random ones includes a chipmunk, a derelict house building, and a man in a business suit who appears to be levitating.

However there are some which could come in handy, like a white sun behind a cloud to denote the weather conditions, a flying envelope to indicate email, and a middle finger emoticon which we guess really needs no explanation. However if you are hoping to see it in iOS or Android, it would really be up to Apple and Google to implement support for it.

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