mozilla-androidWhile we have heard much about Mozilla’s Firefox OS in recent times, perhaps it is time to shift the attention a wee bit and concentrate the proverbial spotlight on the Android mobile operating system. Thanks to the introduction of Firefox for Android 29, Firefox OS now gains the ability and capability to run on Android devices, and all of this is made possible simply because the apps happen to be built with the help of HTML5. Such apps do resemble native apps, which means you can choose to install it, update it, or even uninstall it once you are done, all the while popping up and making its presence known in one’s App Drawer and Recent Apps list. The best part of this news? Developers are able to prepare their Firefox OS apps to see action on Android with minimal effort, and there is no need to make a single change to the coding.


This is not to say that the Android mobile operating system is currently starved of apps in any way, but to hear that Firefox OS app compatibility is now alive and kicking on the Android platform is definitely news that is worth talking about. It not only delivers additional app options where Android users are concerned, but it also helps to open doors for Firefox OS developers to reach out to a wider audience without having them to sweat it out all the more. Are you stoked by this development? [Press Release]

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