forget-meOne man’s meat is another man’s poison, and when it comes to companies, you can creatively say that a company’s regulatory roadblocks could end up as another company’s pleasure. The recent European Court Of Justice ruling touted that Google cannot avoid an individual’s “right to be forgotten”, which means the Internet search giant will have to delete “irrelevant” and “outdated” information which contravenes an EU privacy directive. Hence, it is not surprising at all to see a brand new service roll out in an effort to assist users to file such a request in line with their “right to be forgotten” with Google.

Google in Europe has put forward a decent “right to be forgotten” online application form, but why settle for that when there is an easier method of doing so? claims that they can help simplify the process, where this free service will send you through a step-by-step process, where you will check out the offending URLs in order to word their claim correctly, hence maximizing the chances to stick.

Once you have done so, will keep track of your claim as it remains within Google’s repository of like-minded folks who prefer to remain anonymous, and you will be on the receivin end of an alert whenever the offending URLs are no longer available. Of course, there is a tiny caveat to this – Google will first need to agree with the user’s interpretation of European law.

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