Even though Google hasn’t formally released the Google Glass wearable device to the public as yet, countless “Explorers” have already been playing around with the device for over a year now. Naturally some of them have even got in trouble. There was one explorer who got a ticket when she was driving with Glass on and one recorded a street fight and arrestSome businesses have already banned the device and the latest to join that list is the Alamo Drafthouse chain of movie theaters.

The chain currently has 15 theaters with more under construction. It has already made a name for its self because of its rather creative anti-texting ads, which discourage moviegoers from texting during movies.

The announcement comes from Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League on Twitter who hashtagged the tweet #MovieManners, saying that Google Glass is now officially banned from all theaters once the lights dim for trailers.

Talking to Deadline, League says that he recognized a potential piracy problem for cinemas when he demoed Glass personally but decided against enforcing the ban until the devices started showing up in the theater. That started happening this month and now Glass wearers will be asked to remove them once lights dim.

The fact remains though that given the poor battery life of Glass, its unlikely that someone will be able to capture a full length film, so its not exactly the best device if you have that intention in mind. Though one man in Ohio was removed from a show and interrogated when he was found to have Glass on during the main feature.

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