google-io-2014Not much has been heard concerning Google’s Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) effort ever since an announcement of it was made in January this year, but things look set to change in due time. There were some sources that spoke to Automotive News, touting that Google has plans to roll out their very first in-car software at Google I/O which is happening this coming June 25 to June 26, and those who registered for the event earlier this April ought to make a beeline for it. The operating system has been called “Google Auto Link” internally, and it is tipped to be a “projected” system which will play nice with Android-powered smartphones, where one’s data will be sent into the vehicle’s system in order for the system to control the smartphone via its very own controls.

This makes it sound as though Apple’s CarPlay is going to have a fight on its hands, as one of Google’s primary aims of the project would be to have it integrate Android hardware into a vehicle, all the while improving the operating system so that driving becomes a safer endeavor.

The Google Auto Link software will also have the distinction of being the very first piece of software that will arrive out of the OAA. Do bear in mind that all of this remains just a rumor as at press time, but it would make sense for Google to embark on such a journey. After all, I am quite sure that tech savvy drivers would be interested in a kind of vehicle software that would make using the smartphone’s functions while driving a whole lot easier.

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