A couple of months ago, Square Enix launched Hitman GO on iOS devices. They promised that an Android version of the game would be arriving at a later date and they were right. If you’re an Android user and you were looking forward to the game, you can now head on over to the Google Play Store and pick up the game for yourself where it will be priced similar to the iOS version at $4.99.

For those who are hearing about Hitman GO for the first time, this is a game based on the Hitman franchise that is being released by Square Enix. It will incorporate elements from the Hitman game, such as prioritizing stealth, and ensuring that you don’t get caught before you take out your target or complete certain mission objectives.

However all of this is done in a completely different manner compared to the other Hitman games. Instead of playing a third-person shooter/stealth game, Hitman GO has been designed to mimic a board game. This means that there are limitations in your movement, so you will have to come up with clever ways to distract the guards to either take them out or get past them.

There will be multiple chapters that players can unlock by playing through the levels and collecting as many “stars” as possible. It’s a pretty fun and interesting take on the Hitman series, so if you don’t mind shelling out $4.99, why not check it out? In the meantime you can get an idea of the game by checking the video above for the details.

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