huawei-mulanIt was at the end of last month when we spotted a smartphone that has been given the nickname the Huawei Mulan on an AnTuTu benchmark, otherwise known by its model number H60-L02. Having said that, it seems that the Huawei Mulan will continue from where the current Huawei Honor series left off, with the Huawei Mulan set to improve upon the recently announced Honor 3X and Honor 3C. This makes sense, considering how the Huawei Ascend P7 used to carry the codename of Huawei Sophia when it was still in the pipeline. As for the Huawei Mulan, it could likely be the upcoming Huawei Honor 4, based on the historical naming convention.

However, there is also the possibility that the traditional dislike and superstition for the number four (which tends to sound like “death” phonetically) among the Chinese might see it skip the Honor 4 moniker in favor of Huawei Honor 6.

Perhaps Huawei is setting their sights a whole lot higher with the alleged Huawei Honor 6, where it will then compete with the upcoming iPhone 6 and (we would assume) Samsung Galaxy S6. Only time will be able to tell, and will the next Huawei Honor smartphone be able to live up to its Mulan codename, a legendary figure in the world of Chinese folklore?

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