The LG G3 is the South Korean tech company’s latest smartphone. It is also their most high-end smartphone at the moment, packing some impressive specs like a QHD display and a camera that uses a laser to autofocus. Now the thing with high-end smartphone is that most of the focus seems to on the hardware and performance.

This is great for power users, but what about users who want a bit more durability and ruggedness? Well safe to say that these aren’t really things LG factored into consideration when designing the handset, but if you’re curious as to how the LG G3 will handle in a drop test, the folks at Tech Rax decided to perform a little drop test of their own to find out.

They conducted a series of tests, which is surprising since we would have thought that the phone might have fallen apart in a single drop, but turns out that it is slightly more durable that most people give it credit for. The phone survived both a shoulder height drop and a drop with the battery door open.

However when dropped flat on its face, that’s when the screen gave out and cracked. While the internals of the phone appeared to be alright and could still be powered one, unfortunately the touchscreen was pretty much a no-go. We guess this proves that the LG G3 will survive a couple of drops now and then, but if you wanted something sturdier, you’d have to look elsewhere.

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