mario-maker-nintendoEver had an idea for a totally amazing Super Mario Bros. Level? Well soon you’ll be able to do something about it, actually, you’ll be able to create the level of your dreams. Nintendo announced during its E3 2014 Digital Event today that Mario Maker will allow players to design custom levels.

Nintendo has also said that Mario Maker is a working title so the possibility exists that the moniker may be changed. It didn’t confirm if the title will have a full retail release or would just be available from the Wii U eShop. A concrete release date was not provided but the company did say to expect Mario Maker next year.

We first heard about the existence of Mario Maker last week when a purported picture of Nintendo’s E3 2014 booth appeared online. The chances of a custom level maker were believed to be quite high when New Super Mario Bros. U came out in 2012 with a Coin Battle mode that allowed players to create custom coin layouts for other players.

Players will be able to make their custom levels on the Wii U and their personal touches through tiles and objects in either 8-bit or the New Super Mario Bros. U-style 3D graphics. Ability to alter height of the iconic green pipes and place objects like coins and springs will also be provided. The stylus will be used to edit and move objects whereas the GamePad will be used for everything else.

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