Earlier this year during its BUILD 2014 event Microsoft formally unveiled Cortana, the much rumored digital personal assistant for Windows Phone. While its very much possible that it may make its way to other Microsoft devices like the Xbox, it may take considerably longer for Cortana to be available on rival platforms, if Microsoft ever decides to do that at all. However recently some comments made by Marcus Ash, Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for Windows Phone, were interpreted as confirmation of possible plans to export Cortana to Android and iOS. Ash took to Twitter to clarify that this is not the case.

Ash clarified on Twitter that it is on top of Microsoft’s list right now to ensure that Cortana offers the best possible user experience on Windows Phone. The next major step is to release Cortana in even more countries around the world. Ash also revealed that Cortana will make its way to the UK and China in the coming weeks, not months as widely rumored.

He further clarified that only and only then will Microsoft even consider releasing Cortana on any other platform once these objectives have been met, adding that Cortana on other platforms is merely a thought/question at this point in time, confirming that there are “no plans” whatsoever to launch it on iOS and Android.

Moreover its not like the digital assistant would be able to offer a deeply integrated experience on rival platforms. It wouldn’t have the low level access to do so, unless its allowed to get in there and really make Cortana work with the platform. So for now Windows Phone users need not fear, Cortana is remaining exclusive to Microsoft’s platform.

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