xbox oneSo a couple of months ago at their BUILD 2014 conference, Microsoft announced their voice assistant program, Cortana. As you might have realized by now, Cortana is only available on the Windows Phone platform, although job listings last month seems to suggest that a launch on Windows might not be a stretch of the imagination.

This seems to have been confirmed by an alleged Microsoft employee going by the handle Talderon on the Windows Phone Central forums, where he basically confirmed that Cortana would be arriving on both the Windows and Xbox platforms. He also revealed a bunch of other information that seems to have been confirmed by other users, so there is a chance he is who he claims to be.

When asked about the possibility of Cortana arriving on the Xbox One and Windows 8 PCs, Talderon replied with, “Yes, it’s coming, no, no ETA but I have been testing it on XB1 and it’s very neat, especially when playing a Halo game.” Of course there is no way of verifying if any of this is true, so why bother with such an obscure rumor, you ask?

Well given Cortana’s capabilities, it hardly seems like a stretch of the imagination that Microsoft would want to limit it to just smartphones. After all if it functions as it should, it would be a boon to both Windows 8 and Xbox One users as well, although to be fair the Xbox One does have voice commands that are activated via the Kinect accessory. In any case take it with a grain of salt, but what do you guys think? Will Cortana eventually make its way onto the Xbox and Windows platforms?

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