msft-chinaMicrosoft is not too pleased to hear that China claims Windows 8 is being used to monitor users, and the software giant has taken to Weibo (which happens to be China’s version of Twitter, so to speak) in order to stake claims that such allegations are baseless and have no strong leg to stand upon. Apparently, it all began with China requesting Microsoft to increase the support for Windows XP, but Microsoft intends to move forward into the future with Windows 8, leaving China with a less than happy outlook. Windows 8 has been banned on government computers, citing allegations of the presence of backdoors and cooperation with the US government to snoop around.


Microsoft is obviously not going to take such allegations lying down, as they know full well that if such accusations were true, it would cause a far larger blow to the company’s overall image in the long run, and I am talking global here instead of just in China. Microsoft’s Weibo account have posted a counter argument to the situation, citing that they have never provided any kind of assistance to any government in order to attack a different government or clients. Neither has Microsoft provided any government with the authority to infiltrate their products or services directly. In addition, Microsoft has not set up a “backdoor” in its products or services in the past, and they have kept mum on their clients’ information and data without divulging it to the U.S. government or National Security Agency.

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