So, we do know that the next iteration of the Mortal Kombat series will be known as Mortal Kombat X, having the game’s name being revealed officially earlier this morning. What’s the point of the name being shared when there is no trailer to go along with it, right? Thankfully, NetherRealm Studios knows that doing without a trailer would be a cardinal sin, which is why they have launched alongside the game’s announcement the very first trailer for Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat X would mark the 10th official installment of the bloody brawler franchise, where it is tipped for a 2015 release date across major gaming platforms such as the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Sony PS4 and PC. Looks like the Wii U is going to miss out on this boat.

In the pre-rendered trailer, we are transported to the middle of the woods where eternal rivals Scorpion and Sub-Zero take out their frustrations on one another, and no spoiler here, but Sub-Zero dies…again. Wiz Khalifa’s tune “Can’t Be Stopped” plays in the background as both warriors duke it out against one another, offering bone crunching punches and kicks, one after another.

It is said that the scene does not contain any in-game footage, but who knows, we could have been fooled at certain aspects. Sub-Zero’s signature ice ball and Scorpion’s spear pull play a role in the trailer, and the end sees Sub-Zero’s head removed from his body and impaled onto a tree, with the now signature question, “Who’s Next?” asked.

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