nasa-hd-videoThe folks over at NASA have been pretty busy in recent times, having tested out their new spacecraft that does resemble that of the classic UFO design. Well, they have also been involved in other kinds of interesting projects in the past, as well as in the present. In fact, one of their latest tests was a success, as NASA managed to send an HD video from space right to ground control using the latest laser technology in their arsenal.


Such new technology might eventually make data transfer a whole lot more convenient and faster – to the tune of 200%, in fact, compared to the current rate. The message that the International Space Station (ISS) sent was, “Hello, World!”, where it was received successfully by the ground control staff of NASA last Thursday. This was historical, as the 175-megabit video transmission happend to be the first data of its kind that was sent over the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS).

The idea of OPALS was mooted to improve the data transfer from space stations that orbit the Earth, where those missions happen to be located in different locations. In fact, comparisons have been made that this new laser technology happens to be a similar upgrade from dial-up to DSL, and we all know how we felt the first time we were freed from the shackles of a dial-up connection.

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