Ephemeral messaging is a hot trend these days. Snapchat is the poster boy for this trend and already there are countless clones of the popular messaging application. Even Facebook launched its new Snapchat competitor recently, which bundles the concept of ephemeral messaging with reciprocity. Path, a photo-focused social network, now jumps on this bandwagon as well with the launch of its new application called Path Talk.

What Path has done is known in tech circles as “unbundling.” Basically it broke its main app into two. Now Path’s core app contains all of its basic features which include sharing location and activities with friends. The core app’s messaging features have been exported to the new Path Talk app. The core app has been updated as well, which no longer restricts users to just 150 friends, and also brings a new user interface.

Available for both iOS and Android, Path Talk brings the same messaging features that were first present in its core application. The features include ability to send over 1,500 stickers to friends. Now though, in Path Talk, messages will automatically disappear from Path’s servers 24 hours after they were sent.

Moreover the Path Talk app is capable of sharing “ambient” information about the user with their friends, information which includes their transit status, location, status of phone’s battery, what song they’re listening to and more.

The folks behind Path also confirmed that the new app will receive an update by the end of this summer which will allow them to message shops and restaurants questions, so if users a restaurant if there’s a reservation available, they can receive an answer directly within the app itself.

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