lg logoWe should take note that South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has recently filed a quartet of trademark applications that include the term “Prime”, and we are able to see a premonition of this happening in the following names that LG has every intention to trademark, namely G Prime, F Prime, L Prime, and W Prime. So far, all of the trademark applications having been related to smartphones have been filed with the USPTO on June 3rd.

It remains to be seen whether the G Prime, F Prime, L Prime, and W Prime will be part of the real deal in due time, although there is a pattern of logic behind such thinking. LG has already rolled out their G series of smartphones, in addition to an F series, so to see the Prime moniker attached to it is no surprise at all. As for the W, who knows? There is every possibility that this could very well be reserved in order for a spanking new Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

It would no doubt be interesting to see just what other aces that LG has up their sleeves to better the existing LG G3 flagship smartphone, perhaps the LG G Prime would be a drool worthy phone that outstrips all of our expectations.

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