gs5-lte-a-specialThe Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A was launched in South Korea last week, touting a QHD display to go along with it, and since then we have also found out that it will not be sold globally. Well, what else do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A? It so happens to arrive in the form of a new Special Edition model that will boast of a fancy new rear shell.

The new rear shell will replace the controversial, dotted look of the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, where it will now boast of a diamond-shaped texture. Which of the two designs to you think looks nicer? Other than the new rear shell, everything else underneath the hood would more or less remain the same, where it will feature the Snapdragon 805 processor to boot.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A Special Edition will be made available to the masses over in South Korea thanks to mobile carrier KT, and with the Snapdragon 805 processor, it ought to be pumping out a high paced performance without missing a beat, although the battery life would most probably suffer along the way as well. A 5.1″ display with QHD resolution is most probably too much for our eyes to handle, but at least you can feel smug knowing your handset is so capable.

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