samsung-africa-tvContextualization is something that companies should grasp if they want to succeed in an international environment. For instance, an advertisement in South America might do very well, but it might just tank in the far east, due to cultural difference and understanding. Having said that, Samsung knows this very well, which is why their TVs which are sold in Africa are different from those in other markets. These special regional TVs include a ‘Multi Power TV’, where African residents can enjoy a stable TV viewing experience never mind that the power supply itself is unstable, as it enables both connections of AC and DC power; so whenever the AC power is unstable, one will be able to make use of the DC power in the same vein like that of a charged battery.

This means one will be able to enjoy TV, never mind the presence of unstable power supply conditions which is quite normal in various parts throughout Africa. Of course, due to the presence of to the unstable voltage, there is also some risk of the electric circuit getting damaged whenever the voltage is too high. Samsung hopes to avoid this by increasing the durability so that this unfortunate event will not happen. Not only that, it is highly portable at just 23” in size, making it a snap to tote around in the same vein as that of your computer monitor. [Press Release]

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