skunkAnyone who has been skunked before would not want to go through the experience ever again, this I am quite sure. However, here is a drone that is aptly named, although it does deliver something that is more painful than smelly. Known as the Skunk, this drone by Desert Wolf will be able to fire pepper spray bullets, now how about that for crowd control? Desert Wolf claims that it has already sold 25 of these Skunk drones to a mining company, and it is meant to be a “riot control copter” which will not endanger the lives of security staff.

The International Trade Union Confederation, however, is not too pleased with the Skunk drone, saying, “This is a deeply disturbing and repugnant development and we are convinced that any reasonable government will move quickly to stop the deployment of advanced battlefield technology on workers or indeed the public involved in legitimate protests and demonstrations.”

Desert Wolf claims that the Skunk octacopter drone will boast of a quartet of high-capacity paintball barrels, where each of them will be able to fire a maximum of 20 bullets per second. Other than pepper-spray ammunition, it can be equipped with dye-marker balls and solid plastic balls. Touted to carry a payload of 4,000 bullets each time, it also has “blinding lasers” alongside on-board speakers in order to send messages to an unruly crowd. I suppose you can call this the nemesis of the Twitter Quadcopter.

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