god of warE3 is nearly upon us and will be kicking off next Monday on the 9th of June. We expect that there will be a ton of announcements regarding new games that have yet to be announced, and games that have yet to receive a release date. Now according to an earlier rumor, God of War 4 is one of the possible announcements that Sony could be making on the 9th of June, and it looks like that could be confirmed.

This is according to a tweet by Sony Santa Monica who wrote, “The Gods have spoken once again, maybe they are just excited for #E3 #earthquake #LA” Now that tweet could have been about anything, but given that the rumors did mention a possible God of War 4 announcement, the use of the term “Gods”, and the fact that Sony Santa Monica’s Twitter profile photo is a cartoon drawing of Kratos, the protagonist of the God of War franchise, we can only assume that the tweet could be God of War-related.

Given that the last God of War title we saw was Ascension from back in 2013, we guess a new title is not a stretch of the imagination. Also a God of War title for the Sony PlayStation 4 console is not a bad idea either, since it would be a good way for Sony to show off the prowess of their next-gen console. In any case it’s pretty much anyone’s guess as to what Sony has in store for us, but do check back with us on the 9th of June for the details.

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