It can be a real pain to take a call in a very crowded place. Different kinds of noises make it very hard to hear what’s being said over the call. You can either duck into a quieter place to make sense of it all or simply give up in hopes of finding someplace where you can actually take a call. We should have expected technology to solve this problem for us as well, and indeed it has. Soundhawk, a San Francisco based startup, has developed an earpiece with a “smart listening system,” the idea is to drown the ambient noise and improve clarity.

The Soundhawk earpiece really doesn’t look that different when compared to a conventional Bluetooth earpiece. Measuring just 33mm in length and 9.5mm in depth, it houses a battery that provides up to eight hours of use. There’s one button on the unit for control.

A companion app is available for Android and iOS to set up the earpiece. Its actually very easy to tune it according to your liking. Simply drag or tap your finger to hear the difference in real time, release when it sounds just perfect.

When its in Active Listening Mode the earpiece reduces background noise by using its adaptive audio processing technology to enhance key sound frequencies, thus amplifying what the user really wants to hear and drowning out all the rest. There’s an Indoor Mode which boosts sounds of people around you to a much more comfortable level, the Driving Mode ramps up environmental noise reduction.

Other features include ability a personal assistant which can be commanded to place calls, search for places of interest and even get weather updates, though this requires Siri or Google Now to work.. The Sound Scenes features let you choose between different sound favorites for different activities and places.

The Soundhawk earpiece costs $299 but is available for pre-order at $279, albeit for a limited time only.

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