Windows logoFor those of you out there who absolutely love the Start menu in Windows, here is some bit of news that might be worth your time – apparently, it is not going to come back anytime soon, not at least until Windows 9 rolls out of the door, that is. While that might sound as though you will need to wait for a whole lot more, fret not – Windows 9 ain’t that far off since it is widely tipped to arrive as early as April next year, now how about that? In fact, it has also been whispered that Windows 9 could arrive RTM earlier this October, too.


Ready or not, Microsoft does look dead set on rolling out a major version update for Windows 9 early next year, which is not something that most of us are used to, but Microsoft has certainly made changes to the cycle in recent times. After all, Windows 8 did go through its fair share of revisions in the past, and heck, the operating system has yet to blow off the candles on its two-year old birthday cake just yet. Not only that, we also know that Microsoft has been rolling out a new version of Internet Explorer each year, which is something that took place every three years before IE9. Well, at least we have a better idea as to when the Start menu is going to return, right?

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