WZOR is a popular Russian pirate group that has leaked confidential Windows related information and downloads many times in the past. The latest leak brings Windows 9 details as well as information about the next major Windows 8.1 update. The group also claims that Microsoft is working on a cloud based operating system. Microsoft obviously hasn’t talked about any of this as yet, so despite the credible track record, it would be best to take all of this with a grain of salt.

According to the group the second major update for Windows 8.1 might be released this autumn. Apparently Microsoft hasn’t decided on the name as yet, it may be called Windows 8.1 Update 2 or simply Windows 8.2. Previous rumors suggested that the much awaited Start menu might come with Windows 9, but WZOR claims it is going to be included in the next Windows 8.1 update.

As far as Windows 9 is concerned, the group says that Start button will not be going anywhere and would be available on devices with or without touchscreens. It would essentially be a component of the next generation Metro interface expected to debut with Windows 9. The group hears that Windows 9 might be available as a free update but it hasn’t been able to confirm this as yet.

Microsoft is also apparently working on Windows Cloud, a cloud based operating system. It is said that a group within the company is working on a prototype operating system. The client software for Windows Cloud would be available for download free though additional functionality would require a subscription. For full functionality an internet connection would be required, offline the features of this OS would be similar to Windows Starter, Microsoft’s budget OS offering.

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