quicktypeWhen iOS 8 was announced earlier today, one of the interesting features that Apple introduced was the ability for developers to create third-party keyboards for iOS. Previously only iOS’ default keyboard could be used, and it was only recently that Fleksy started being incorporated, albeit being limited to certain apps, although it was only the announcement from earlier that truly kicked things off.


Well the good news is that if you did not enjoy iOS’ keyboard, you might be pleased to learn that Swiftkey has confirmed to the folks at Pocket-Lint that they have already begun working on a Swiftkey for iOS keyboard. According to a statement released to Pocket-Lint, Swiftkey’s Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock wrote, “We’re delighted Apple has decided to embrace the importance of opening its platform to third party keyboards.”

Swiftkey’s iOS release will only be in the later part of the year and will be released possibly alongside iOS 8 in the fall. Even better news is that if Swiftkey isn’t your cup of tea, Fleksy has similarly announced that they will be releasing their keyboard app for iOS as well. The developers have launched a beta signup program on their website where users can enter their email and beta test the keyboard when it is released.

Some are probably criticizing Apple’s decision, claiming that they might have “borrowed” some of the features that made Android so unique, but we guess as far as iOS users are concerned, they are finally getting some of the customization features that they have long been asking for. Better late than never, right?

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