There’s no shortage of messaging applications for mobile devices. Many startups have created apps that allow users to communicate with each other and they exist alongside big cross-platform messaging apps like WhatsApp and BBM. Each has its own distinct feature set even though the core functionality is similar, letting people talk to each other. A new app has emerged on the scene though its probably the most simplest of all messaging applications. Its called “Yo.”

As far as the app’s functionality is concerned it doesn’t look far from its name. The only message users can send through the application is a “yo.” So instead of wishing someone good morning users can send them a yo. That’s all the app lets users do, there are no other features.

The app doesn’t have a lengthy signup process. It doesn’t even need an email address. All users have to do is download it, create a username and add friends. They can they yo each other at any time of the day. Not sure what will compel users to do this all day particularly when you can’t actually have a meaningful conversation through the app. Its only a matter of time before the novelty wears off I guess.

Apparently it took the developer only eight hours to create this application, which is certainly not surprising given that it stretches the minimalist concept far too thin. Yo is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

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