We have heard countless rumors this year that Apple is going to release a “larger” iPad though no one knows just how large this tablet is going to be. Rumor has it that the tablet would be called iPad Pro and that it will have a truly massive 12.9-inch display. Once again we are hearing rumors about the iPad Pro release, with a new rumor coming in from Taiwan suggesting that three iPad models will be launched this year, one of them being the larger model.

Apple is expected to launch its new iPads after it goes through with the iPhone 6 launch this September. The company is expected to launch two iPhones models both with significantly larger displays than their predecessors.

As far as the company’s tablets are concerned Economic Daily News claims that a new iPad Air and a new iPad mini will be released later this year alongside a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apparently the company aims to capture the enterprise and education market with this particular tablet.

Apple is mum about its tablet plans as always so we shouldn’t expect to hear anything from the company until the day of the announcement comes. There have been conflicting reports about the iPad Pro in the past though, with some claiming that the company has shelved the project for the time being and may not revisit it until next year.

Would you see yourself opting for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro instead of the conventional 9.7-inch iPad Air? Its not like the latter has not done well in both enterprise and education markets, so is there really a need for a larger iPad?

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