BlackBerry, a company that once looked unstoppable, has since seen its market share being gnawed away by a new generation of smartphones. In fact, they have not quite thrown in the towel just yet, but in their latest Passport design, that too, has received plenty of criticism and flak from the masses who are more used to aesthetically pleasing designs, leading BlackBerry to get all apologetic about it. Well, we know that a smartphone is more than just form, as function needs to follow as well, which is where the operating system plays a huge role. I suppose the video above that depicts how a 2-year old is able to use a BlackBerry 10-powered BlackBerry Z30 intends to win the hearts (and wallets) of those wondering whether to take the plunge with BlackBerry.

The toddler in the video, Cherry, was able to navigate her way through the operating system as though it was something naturally done, and not learned. In fact, little Cherry melted hearts by unlocking the display with but a simple swipe up, and she was also able to minimize an app by swiping it off the screen. The entire point of the video is this – if a 2-year old is able to use some aspects of it so naturally, all arguments about adults finding it difficult should be moot.

I would disagree with such a line of thought, however, and there were no other independent tests run to see whether Cherry preferred other mobile operating system platforms or not.

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