bleepIt was not too long ago that the folks over at BitTorrent began to work on a new kind of messaging application. This particular messaging application (looks like messaging is a pretty big deal these days) will be based on the principles of BitTorrent technology; where one is able to work through a direct connection between people without having to fall back upon a centralized server to get the job done. It seems that all of their effort has finally paid off, as the public will be able to get a gist of the idea in the form of BitTorrent Bleep.

Of course, Bleep will remain in its early stages although folks have been invited to give it a go already. This will be a golden opportunity for those who are interested to actually help BitTorrent test out Bleep, as well as do their utmost best to discover bugs that could cause a performance glitch some time down the road.

Hopefully all will go well as Bleep intends to be an effective and fun tool that has a wide range of uses. For instance, journalists who would like to protect their sources will find Bleep useful, while friends can continue a conversation without having to worry about anyone else eavesdropping on them.

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