I am quite sure that if you have watched the movie “Wanted”, you would know that the ability to swerve a bullet after shooting it is physically impossible in real life, especially in those action packed scenes that offer uncanny accuracy among the guild of assassins known as the Fraternity, but even they are unable to see what is coming behind the corner. Perhaps modern day technology will come in handy for folks in their line of work – as this camera will utilize lasers in order to check out what is right around the corner. Pretty useful for anti-terrorist units as well as folks in a haunted house, don’t you think so?

Just how does this unique camera work? It will do so by imaging the behavior of photons at 15 billion frames per second. In other words, this new camera will photograph the movement of light itself using a system of lasers, as the camera images them at a speed that is faster than 15 billion frames per second. A creation of the Creative Cameras team, the camera’s 32×32 pixel sensor will record light that bounces off an object around the corner after the laser light has been fired at 4,000 times per second, allowing such information to be looped to a computer that will perform an analysis in order to create a reconstruction of the object that is located right around the corner.

This is just theoretical as at press time, but hopefully we will see progress made to the real world sooner rather than later.

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