windows-phone-81-cortana-03We have heard the rumors that Microsoft could be thinking about bringing Cortana onto Windows-based devices and the Xbox platform. In fact we’ve even seen job listings that hints at the possibility. Even as a rumor it does not seem overly ridiculous since it would no doubt be a boon to Windows tablet users who will be able to use Cortana to perform searches and to interact with their devices.

Now according to the folks at Neowin, they have learnt that Cortana will indeed be making its way onto Windows Threshold (which is a possible name/codename for Windows 9), and that the voice assistant feature will be reportedly residing in the taskbar. Now why the taskbar, you ask? Isn’t it kind of a static place for icons to be at?

Well that would be the old Windows taskbar, but Neowin claims that Microsoft will be revamping the taskbar to make it more functional. In fact one of their sources has described the revamp as “mini Live Tiles” which sounds pretty intriguing and promising. Given that Cortana is also part of the Live Tile interface on Windows Phone, it sounds like it could be a perfect fit.

Its location would also make it easy for users to launch the voice assistant feature, as opposed to having to search for it in your programs which would ultimately defeat the purpose of a feature designed for convenience. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but as Neowin points out, given that Windows Threshold is still in the works, there is a chance that things could change from now until its release.

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