starter_felis_presentationWhen it comes to the world of gaming, there are many different options out there that is set to tantalize the discerning gamer. If you have been itching for what many deem to be the next step, or evolution in the world of gaming, then you would most probably be interested to check out DRAKERZ-Confrontation, the first augmented reality (AR) trading card game on the PC platform, which has just been made available in the U.S. on top of its successful implementation across the pond.

DRAKERZ-Confrontation happens to come across as a free to play title, where the game itself and its trading cards hail from French developer Peoleo Entertainment, and can be picked up from Apart from that, if you are rocking to Steam, you too, will be able to play the game there.

DRAKERZ-Confrontation offers new experience for both players and card collectors, since it merges the worlds of a trading card game as well as free-to-play online PC game, thanks to a patented augmented reality engine. It does seem to look rather complex, and we do wonder whether AR games will be the future, or is it just a temporary distraction where pure gaming is concerned. Nintendo too, has explored this possibility with their Amiibo announcement recently, except that the Japanese company used figurines instead of cards.

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