martha-stewart-drone-3When it comes to drones, there is a place for it in this world – whether for the military or regular folks like you and I. However, when you are as famous as Martha Stewart, drones too, have a place in her life – as evident by the breathtaking shots of her massive farm that you can check out in the photo gallery below.

Of course, I am quite sure that no police personnel flying in a helicopter who were irritated by the presence of the drone that flew all over Stewart’s huge property, simply because the police had no reason whatsoever to be hanging out in that area. There were 31 photos in total which were posted by Martha herself concerning her farm, and some of the shots were rather artistic, especially those that were rather close to the ground.

It seems that Stewart has gotten a hold of the DJI Phantom flying camera, and she shared that having that drone proved to be “lots of fun to play with and take[s] extraordinary photos.” Needless to say, one will obviously need a whole lot of free and open space in order to play with the drone in the first place, but space is not an issue for a rich lady like Stewart.

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